Strutting in Stripes: My First Blog Post

Want to look modish? Here’s a similar ensemble!

When I decided to start a fashion blog three days ago, I really thought it would be totally easy. Ha! Boy, was I wrong. I didn’t have the slightest concern with how much time might go into designing the website, writing articles, putting together an outfit, finding a good photo shoot location, taking the photos, and basically doing all of the many things necessary to create a beautiful, engaging, and (hopefully) successful fashion blog. In fact, it took me almost a good hour just to finally decide on what to name this blog. But, with a little help from, scoping out already popular fashion blogs, and blatantly asking my brilliant Twitter followers for ideas, at last I chose Modish Marie.

You may be wondering why I would want to go through all of the trouble in the first place. Well, I’d been wanting to start a fashion blog around this time last summer, but I never really got around to developing it. Fashion, you see, has been the love of my life since I was eight. The thing is, I’ve had many other loves of my life. Some of them include songwriting, singing, playing guitar, dancing, acting, fiction writing, and painting. With so many passions in my life, it has been difficult for me to really focus on one thing at a time.

However, in the midst of my high school graduation ceremony a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I was a flapjacking adult. I sat there in my royal blue gown and matching tasseled cap all teary eyed and thought to myself—What? This is real? This is happening? Yes, yes it is. So, I decided to pull a Troy Bolton and get my head in the game. I did more research on college majors and careers that really interested me, attempting to piece together the map of my future in adulting. At last, all of the soul searching (and Google searching) led me to decide to make pursuing fashion a priority in my life right now.

So, here we are! Hi, my name is Cristin Marie, and I hope that you’ll stick around and check out this blog in the future. I PROMISE it will get better. My hope is that by doing this blog, I will be a fashion and creative role model for you, and a good role model in general. My wish is to inspire you to improve not just your wardrobe, but your life. I also hope that I can make your day even if it’s in the smallest way, like saying flapjacks or making a High School Musical reference. Ta-ta for now! Stay modish.



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