Patriotically Fashionable

In honor of yesterday being our country’s Independence Day, I’ve taken to Polyvore to put together some incredible pieces in red, white, and blue. Here is how to be patriotically fashionable all summer long.

Cool for the Summer
This ensemble is perfect for partying, shopping, or working at the office if you switch out the sandals for a good pair of pumps. These chandelier earrings from Dolce & Gabbana give the outfit that perfect, discreet touch of red. Of course, not all of us can drop $1,875 on designer earrings, so I recommend clicking on for some outrageously adorable (and less expensive) alternatives.
Patriotic Athleisure

Patriotic Athleisure by fashionsbycristin featuring a crop t shirt

Athleisure is a huge, huge, HUGE trend right now. At first I was skeptical, but after seeing so many effortlessly stylish photos of it-girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid working athleisure on the streets, I have to say the trend has really grown on me. Athleisure is the term used for the style of clothing in which athletic or leisure wear is combined with high-fashion or luxurious pieces to create an outfit that is comfortable, functional, and fashionable all at once. I’m completely sold on the idea. This outfit would look good whether you’re strutting the runway of a Calvin Klein show or the isles of Target.
Street Style Sparks
Chokers are another big trend this season, and this somewhat Cinderella-ish blue velvet choker is completely affordable and ultra chic. AND it also happens to be a very patriotic hue. This outfit would be great for partying or barbecuing in style. I am especially head-over-heels for those white Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals. Sure, gladiators were a big thing last summer, but I am forever in love with them. Over-sized pants, blouses, t-shirts, denim jackets, and pretty much anything over-sized has been trending this summer. I could see the trend continuing on in the fall as well, especially with over-sized sweaters.
Evening of Fireworks
This might be my favorite patriotically fashionable outfit I’ve put together. The off the shoulder white dress is extremely on-trend, and I am really digging the chunking heels. Any shoe with a larger heel provides more support, is easier to walk in, and is just overall more comfortable than a stiletto. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a total sucker for a sleek stiletto, but these chunky heels have their perks too. These shoes from are super affordable, but Steve Madden also has some gorgeous chunky heels. Last but absolutely not least, this bag from one of my all-time favorite designers, Michael Kors, is to die for. His fur poms are ridiculously cute and not too pricey either, though they are real fur which many people may be uncomfortable with. You can get some faux fur poms pretty much anywhere these days; they’ve become such a widespread trend. Some of the most affordable places I’ve seen are at H&M and Wet Seal.
I hope these ulra-chic patriotic ensembles inspire you to think outside the box with your wardrobe while still dressing on-trend. Until next time, stay modish!
P.S. Some amazingly modish vlogs may be posted very soon. So stay tuned.

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