1. in the current fashion; stylish.
synonyms: fashionable, stylish, chic, modern, contemporary, à la mode, du jour…
About Me

Hi! I’m Cristin Marie, the curly-haired latina girl whose face you’ll see all over this blog. Besides fashion, I love writing, reading, singing/songwriting, playing guitar, watching The Office, drawing, photography, acting, interior design, crafting, and painting. Basically, I am EXTREMELY creative and can work with any form of the arts. Except the culinary arts. Literally all I can make is toast. Putting my lack of cooking skills aside, I also love to laugh and make other people laugh too, and I hope I can manage to somewhat entertain you.

About MM

Modish Marie is first and foremost a fashion blog, where I’ll post pictures of some of my favorite outfits and trends each season, and discuss what’s going on in the fashion industry. However, I’ll also have some posts about beauty, DIYs, and my various awkward and entertaining life experiences. I may even get deep every once in a while. In the future, I will also have some videos posted from my YouTube channel.